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Memorandum of Understanding Between


The Friends of South Park ("the Friends")


The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF)


1. The Friends of South Park has been established as an independent voluntary local user group with the purpose of being the principal forum for formulating users' views about the Park, particularly in respect of its restoration and regeneration, and promoting more effective beneficial usage of the Park to the wider community.


2. LBHF recognises the Friends as the principal user group for South Park.


3. The Friends and staff of LBHF will work together cooperatively and strive to achieve shared goals and objectives that are defined in the Park Master Plan and Park Management Plan.


4. LBHF will keep the Friends fully briefed on all significant matters affecting the Park and will consulthe Friends on all potential changes or improvements.


5. LBHF will take due notice of recommendations and concerns from the Friends and provide a written explanation of their view on these recommendations.


6. LBHF will appoint a Liaison Officer who will be the nominated single point of contact for all formal representation from the Friends

7. LBHF will provide additional officer contacts and procedures for queries and complaints regarding


a. Maintenance problems


b. Urgent security issues


c. Arboricultureissues


d. Dogs, pest control and management


e. Graffiti, vandalism and noise


8. LBHF staff or their contractors will attend a minimum of two open (evening) meetings per year, and will attend a minimum of two park walkabouts during normal working hours with representatives of the Friends.


9. LBHF will provide technical advice and make available'in kind'resources where feasible to support activities organised by the Friends that are beneficial to the Park, but will not provide any direct financial support.

10. The Friends will endeavor to be inclusive of the local community and all Park users and fairly represent their views and concerns to LBHF.


11. LBHF and The Friends will work together to develop funding applications to third parties, as appropriate,


12. The Friends will produce an Annual Report to provide evidence of how inclusive, participatory and representative their activities are of South Park users in order to retain the support of LBHF.


13. Any changes to the Friends'constitution will require prior approval from LBHF to ensure compliance to the principals set out above. Failure to comply with the Memorandum of Understanding may result in LBHF withdrawing support and recognition of the group as representing the best interests of the Park Users.


For the Friends of South Park

16th March 2009

For London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

9th March 2009

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