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Thank you to everybody who contributed.

The total amount raised by  9th July 2021 for The South Park Heritage Market Garden is £7640.00.

The South Park Heritage Market Garden had fallen into disrepair over the last few years with a lack of a volunteer organisation, direction and money. But, during the last year, and despite the pandemic, FoSP member Fiona has re-invigorated the gardening group by creating small, socially distanced on-site meetings for the more elderly in the community. 

Now, Fiona and her small team of core volunteer gardeners are transforming the community garden for everyone against the background of the soon to be opened Sands End Arts and Community Centre.

We have, as you can see in the list below, clear and identifiable plans for the future. Many of you will know from looking at the Spacehive funding details on our Facebook page we need to raise £6974.00 by the 9th of July.


With 22 days to go, we have already raised £7474


This is just the start of a long term plan to revive the Fulham South Park Heritage Market Garden, so please do not stop contributing, because everything you give will go to this great cause.

Click on the link and please let's keep funding for the future


Revive South Park Heritage Market Garden (

The wheelbarrow needs a new wheel and that's just for starters! The raised beds are falling over, they are in dire need of new wood, soil and compost, plants, bulbs and seeds. Seating needs sanding and painting, the paving re-laying, the bees need a new apiary. Equipment, signage, composting bins, a potting shed and cold frames would be the dream! Then we would like to run a series of events to bring all corners of the community together to showcase this small oasis of biodiversity, wellbeing and home to a surprisingly large amount of flora and fauna. We would love to welcome all ages of the community to experience the joys of a working market garden, to plant & harvest, to volunteer, to discover and learn the importance of ecology and to understand the vital connections between plants and animals and our urban world around us. We want the garden to be a safe place where those who feel lonely or excluded can come and enjoy time together with others.

What we'll deliver:

  • Rebuild and re-stock the raised vegetable beds

  • Redefine, re-nourish and tend the flowers beds

  • Install a potting shed to grow seeds to plant out in the garden

  • Repair equipment that we can and purchase new equipment

  • Purchase materials to restore seating areas

  • Purchase and install composting bins

  • Build a new apiary for the bees

  • Re-lay the york stone paving so it is safe

  • Purchase bulbs and plants for new areas

  • Organise community events especially for those who feel lonely or excluded

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